Two new books this fall… an embarrassment of riches!

As I rest at home – having just had hip replacement surgery – I’m reflecting on my good news/bad news scenario.

Bad news: My right hip was very painful and needed help!
Good news: I got it, in the form of a quick surgery date which was successful. I am grateful!
Bad news: Recovery. I grossly underestimated how long I’d be laid up, making feeble circles around my house with a walker.
Good news: Lots of time to write, right?
Bad news: Wrong. Too fuzzy-headed to do much other than watch junk TV and read two pages of a book at a time.
(But really, really) Good news: I have two books out this fall, so I can spend time basking in that until my writing brain returns.

One of the books is a middle grade novel called Stazy and the Magic List. Here’s a little look inside it:

Stazy, the new kid. Faye, Hali and Rena, longtime friends. They are grade seven students whose obvious similarity is Skills Class, where wonderful Mr. Locke helps them keep up with their class work.

But there’s a secret that ties the three longtime friends together, and when Stazy stumbles on it, she adds her own secret into the mix. These girls are supernaturals and no Skills Class can help them navigate life as a witch, a fairy, a mermaid and an angel. For that, they need each other.

A story about friendship and family, invisible friends and ghosts, poetry and magic.

The novel is published by Rebel Mountain Press and is out just in time for Halloween, which plays an integral role in the story. There’s a lovely possibility that each of the girls will have her own book; once I stop circling the house with my walker, I’ll get back to writing Rena’s story.

And next time, I’ll write about the other book out this fall, a picture book about Christmas!

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Spring so far has been lots of rain, some time in the desert, some writing, and now… a new baby in the family!

The rain, we all know about.

The desert was an amazing time spent checking out the gorgeous canyons of Utah and Arizona. Here’s a photo in Antelope Canyon, where a Navajo tour guide took us deep into the canyon to admire the sandstone and tell us his people’s history there. (The desert was also a very nice break from the… you guessed it… rain!)