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Nancy's three children

This is about how old my kids were when I wrote Melted Star Journey. Luke (at the bottom) is the main character in that one; some of the story is factual, some is made up, just like most of my picture books.

Nancy's father
Nancy's father

These two pictures are of my dad. In one he's holding Bianca, in the other, Josh. He was the one with the great idea of filling up the box of the dump truck in Number 21. What an imagination!

Nancy's mum and uncle

Part of my family has lived on the prairies for a long time. That's why I wrote Prairie Summer. Here is a photo of my mom and her brother with their parents, about 80 years ago.

Nancy's sister and cousin

This one is about 40 years ago, also taken in Alberta. That's my sister and cousin, looking forward to a ride around the farm on the old farm truck.

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