My sister, cousins and myself

This photo reminds me of I Heard My Mother Call My Name. It's of my sister, two cousins and myself, and it's typical of the kind of long summer day where when I heard my mom calling me in for bed, I'd stall it off just as long as I could. (By the way, I'm the one dancing around on the side...)

Nancy's son Josh

This one is of my son Josh and his cousin, Jordan. I wrote November Boots about Josh (and dedicated it to him) when he was only a little older than this; he was absolutely crazy about being a firefighter, so the boots HAD to be red. He is so big now that he couldn't even fit his hand inside one of those boots (his picture is on the Bio page..he's the one on the right!)

Nancy's daughter Bianca

This is my daughter Bianca - a long time ago! - with her book, PuddleDuck. I wrote it for her, and dedicated it to her. I was doing an author visit to her preschool when this photo was taken.

Nancy's son Luke

This one also reminds me of PuddleDuck, as in it, my son Luke is sharing cereal with his Snowman. In those days, Snowman went everywhere with him, and was left behind more than once, much to Luke's horror.

Nancy's house covered in snow

This one shows how our house looked the year I wrote Snow Story. It was one of the heaviest snows - and lasted the longest! - that we'd had in Vancouver for a long, long time.

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