Cover of Prairie Summer
Prairie Summer
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
© 1999
ISBN 1-55041-403-8

For some of us, there is nothing more boring than a summer at home. That's why this story, told by “city cousins” about their summer vacation on the prairies, takes on special excitement that comes with travel. Hundal can reduce entire experiences and feelings from prairie life into a fragment that packs more meaning than five or six full sentences: “Heat shimmer, bug whine, freedom.”

Hundal's Prairie Summer has its own busy rhythm, and there are plenty of allusions to eating wonderful food including bread baking and homemade preserves. There are drive-in movies and a town hall wedding dance to attend, mosquitos to swat and fields to roam in.

Kate Seller, Quill and Quire, Toronto


A review from The Canadian Review of Materials published by The Manitoba Library Association.


Nomimated for the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year.

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