Cover of Snow Story
Snow Story
© 1997
ISBN 0-00-224388-1

It's difficult to ascertain which is the more deeply magical - the words or the pictures. This is an absolutely mesmerizing work and is proof again that really really great writing is not wasted on the young. marooned at home by a whopper of a snowstorm, the kind that cancels birthday parties, school and a dentist appointment. Standing in the third story attic window of the big Victorian house she shares with her mom, Chloe notes how the snow first flutters in “like a secret”, renders her “snowjoyed”, and leaves her pining for the new world “white and still, a smooth piece of drawing paper.” Rushing outside, Chloe the artist is ready to create a snow angel with food colouring and imaginary fairy dust. She notes how some adults hate and curse the snow and how others — like her exuberant mom — playfully revel in it.

...This is the perfect book for reading to your youngest ones, and suitable also for intermediate, solo readers, as Hundal uses poised prose — not two dollar words — to tell her story. An excellent book.

The Hamilton Daily Spectator, January 10, 1998

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