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Number 21
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
© 2001
ISBN 1-55041-543-3

Shimmering reds and golds of summer heat radiate from Toronto artist Brian Deines' illustrations for Number 21, written by Vancouver's Nancy Hundal, a story that evokes delicious sensations of summer in an unusual context - the arrival of a new dump truck. Young Nancy tells the joys of getting to know her father's new commercial truck - new radio, new horn, chocolate bars in the glove compartment. But when her parents fill the truck's box with water, she's thrilled to see it serve double duty as a swimming pool...this truck book with a difference should attract any young vehicle addict - and the illustrations positively exude summer

Dierdre Baker, The Toronto Star

Trucks are perennial favorites, especially for boys. Many books have been written about the powerful machines and NUMBER 21 by Nancy Hundal is a good choice to add to the fleet.

Nancy is one of three children whose father drives a dump truck. When he brings home a big, new truck the excitement is too much to bear. The children pour through the truck, pushing and turning every button and knob. Then it gets even better - Dad fills the bed of the truck with icy, cold water and the children cool off with a quick dip in the back.

This wonderful story is pure fun and highlighted by the beautiful artwork of Brian Deines.

The Flint Journal, Flint, Michigan


Nominated for the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year.

Nominated for the 2003 Chocolate Lily award

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