Cover of Melted Star Journey
Melted Star Journey
© 1999
ISBN 0-00-224406-3

...Melted Star Journey by Nancy Hundal and illustrated by Karen Reczuch is a more traditional story with more conventional illustrations. On a rainy night, a little boy, Luke, is warm and safe and dry, snuggled between his siblings, in the back of the family car.

Mom Driving, Dad yawning, brother humming. Sister sleeping -- already!

Luke fights sleep on the drive: not a valiant fight, you understand. But a pleasant one as he watches the changing streets around him and observes things through his sweet, child's eyes.

Now come the dozing skyscrapers. Boxes of yellow light and mute machines. Down a quiet street, a darker street, where an old man with a blank face leans in a doorway, not going in, not going out. Rain weeps at the window.

These are strong verbal images and Reczuch's illustrations do them justice...

Linda Richards, January Magazine, October, 2000

In addition to a bouquet of Vancouver memories, the book's depiction of this totally ordinary family scene also brought back another recollection which will be familar to many adult readers. Remember a time when you were so small that falling asleep in the back of a car was normal, and you could expect to be carried into the house at the end of the trip and mercifully deposited in a cozy bed? Evidently, so does author Nancy Hundal.

This is a book that transports you to a place in a way that is poetic and magnetic, both.

Kate Zimmerman, The Calgary Herald

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