Cover of Camping
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
© 2002
ISBN 1-55041-668-5

This year won't be like the others. There will be no paintings or fluffy towels, clothes racks, jackpots or mouse ears. Nancy and her family are going camping. Just the thought of camping is bad enough. Outhouse, mosquito bites, burnt food and lots of work—what kind of holiday is this?

But from the moment their campsite is established, the family slowly begins to discover the magic of life in the wild. Nights are so quiet and dark, it's like being wrapped in a blanket. Food that warms the stomach and awakens the senses. Swimming in the lake, climbing trees and lolling in the sun. And millions, no bajillions of stars. More time, less o'clock. That's what camping is about.

Nancy Hundal's prose seems to dance off the pages in this valentine to camping. As with her previous bestsellers, NUMBER 21 and PRAIRIE SUMMER, CAMPING is filled with unique expressions and descriptive language so beautifully precise, it brings with it an almost electric shock of recognition.

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...this book is the perfect primer to soothe the nerves of a skittish child who might be anxious about an upcoming camping trip, or it could be a good after-the-trip book to reinforce some particularly good memories. Heck, when a book looks this good you might also buy it for its artistic value.

Gilbert Bouchard, The Edmonton Journal

Money is scarce. This will be a holiday without malls and theme parks. The family is going camping.

Faced with their first camping trip, the children are not enthused about the burnt food, mosquito bites and work setting up camp. How can that be a holiday?

Once camp is set up, however, they begin to enjoy the freedom from time, the lolling in the sun watching ants march, the challenge of climbing trees and the cool relaxation of swimming in the lake.

Nancy Hundal brings a camping trip alive, with all its pluses and minuses, in evocative visual text. Brian Deines uses his deep richly-coloured palette and perceptive eye to capture the children's experiences.

Andrea Deakin, Chilliwack Times May 28, 2002

A review from The Canadian Review of Materials published by The Manitoba Library Association.


Nominated for the Amelia Francis Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Medal.

Nominated for the 2004 Chocolate Lily Award

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