This year, for the first time, I've added writing workshops to my presentations. I did a series of workshops over 5 days at Queen Mary Elementary in Vancouver, working with Grades 4 and 5. Using my books Number 21 and Camping, we studied memoir writing. Through writing exercises, online tools, discussion and producing their own memoirs, students learned that we all have experiences that are uniquely ours, just waiting to burst out onto paper!

Here's what one teacher at Queen Mary, Maria King, had to say about the workshops:

"Your visit was exactly what the doctor ordered. We needed your 'think-aloud", breaking down writing, and your focus on details, strategies, techniques, ideas. Your inspiration is profound!"

I have enjoyed doing many author visits this year, as well. Some of these were at Emily Carr in Vancouver, Harold Bishop in Surrey and West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. Here is a comment about an author visit by Rennie Hapton, TL at Shaughnessy Elementary in Vancouver:

Nancy Hundal is a natural presenter, as she is not only a children's author, but a teacher-librarian as well.  As such, she entertains but also keeps beautiful control of large groups of children with a soft spoken, kind, but firm manner. The children love her books as well as her presentation as she reads, writes and speaks directly from her heart.  Her story ideas come from her own personal background.  Nancy brought artifacts to accompany her stories, and she showed the children her first writings as a child.  All of this helped to engage the children and encouraged them with their own writing.

Author visits and writing workshops

I'm looking forward to another year of visiting schools and talking about my books. It's always exciting to hear what someone else thinks about when they hear one of my stories; that's one of the magical things about books. Everyone who reads a book brings different life experiences with them, so the book will be a little different for every single reader. Imagine fitting all those stories inside one little cover!

Pictures From Some Of My School Visits

Nancy talking to a group of students
Nancy signing an autograph

B.C. Chocolate Lily Gala

Entering the hall with all the other authors.

Here I am entering the hall with all the other authors. Each author is preceded by two children carrying the author's name on a sign. Mine has just disappeared out of the picture.

Nancy about to be introduced.

Here I am being introduced to the audience by a family friend Nicholas. This was a very pleasant surprise. I had no idea that he would be there.

Outtakes From A Visit With Nancy

Nancy talking to students

I play the guitar too.

Nancy talking to students

One more wise comment and you're out of here.

Nancy talking to students

Try that again and I'll cancel recess!

Nancy talking to students

No, I do NOT want to hear another writer's joke!

Nancy talking to students

Read the book. Read it now.

Nancy talking to students

If you don't like the books, I can do magic tricks, too!

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